Young Actors

To bee or not to be!


It is my greatest joy, working with young performers as they discover their talents. Every lesson, rehearsal, performance and gig teaches me something but nothing teaches me more than watching someone discover and exersize their creativity. I am so grateful to be part of these experiences, very proud of all my students and the amazing things they acomplish.Will

Children’s shows
A Beary Merry Christmas
A Little Bull (A musical adaptation of Ferdidnad the Bull)
Benny the Beetle
Big Top
Boo Who
Blueberries for Sal (A Musical adaptation of the classic)
Careful what you wish for
Eating Crow
Elephant child
Emerald Surge
Emporer’s Nude clothes
Get Lucky
Gift (K)not
Gingerbread man (A musical adaptation of the classic fairy tale)
In the Garden
Knee Deep
Lonliest Littlest Lighthouse
My Fine Feather Friend
My Invisable Friend
Paper Bag Princess *(A musical adaptation of the Mutch classic)
Pippi (A musical adaptation of the Classic)
S’eating you?
Snow Queen (A musical adaptation of the Hans Christian Anserson’s classic)
Star Search
Sugar Witch
Text Me
Tidal Bore
The Christmas that almost wasn’t
The Pearl
Timberlea the Christmas Tree
Tuck your uilts in
Wishing wood
Whose right?/Who’s rite?
Wee Wild things (A musical adaptation of the classic)
Zombie X-Mas

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